Pleasure and Business in Hawaii

I have never been to Hawaii so I was exited when my boss asked me if I would like to accompany he and his family there for their holiday. He did tell me it would be a working holiday for me, but there would also be plenty of time for fun and games too. I am his personal assistant, and I often help his wife and their children too, and I consider them part of my extended family. When he told me the name of Hawaii Big Island and asked me to find a private luxury home that would be big enough for the five of us, I got right on it.

He did have some stipulations on what he wanted. This was going to be an extended vacation of two weeks, and my main job there was to help take care of the kids when he and his wife went out. That was hardly difficult for me since I love spending time with them. He also wanted a luxury home that had a dedicated work area where we could handle business matters at least an hour a day, and he also wanted enough rooms to where his brothers and their families could come and stay for a few days.

It might seem like that would be hard to find, but it was actually quite easy. Big Island knows how to cater to wealthy families, and the Hualaiai rental home was better than any of us could have imagined. I have my own private guest house with a gorgeous view, and there are four suites inside the main house. There are four floors total, making it plenty big enough even if his brothers came at the same time. Having a free trip to Hawaii with people I love disguised as a work trip is nothing I could have ever imagined happening to me!